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Children Around the World

Children receiving their First Communion - Krakow, Poland

Children at the Five Rose Petal Festival - Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Young boys at a local watering hole - Cappadocia, Turkey

Young boy working in a Carpet Shop - Istanbul, Turkey

Young Arab girls posing - Acre, Israel

Young boy at his Bar Mithzah at the Wailing Wall - Jerusalem, Israel

Young boys touting donkey rides - Petra, Jordan

Young monks at Kopan Monestary - Boudanath, Nepal

Manisha 'Nanu' & Manoj 'Babu' Sapkota - Pokhara, Nepal

'Babu" taking a ride - Arva Bijaya, Nepal

Young boys - Bhaktapur, Nepal

Young girl carrying her sister on her back - Galeshwor, Nepal

Young neighbors - Aaboo Kheireni, Nepal

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells - Bhaktapur, Nepal

Prakash, Bikash & Prabina of Prakash Momo's - Aaboo Kheireni, Nepal

Twins playing in a haystack - Banouti, Gorkha, Nepal

Young boy struggling with his catch in a flood - Hoi An, Vietnam

Girls struggling to get to school - Hoi An, Vietnam

Girl watching the UNESCO celebration parade - Hoi An, Vietnam

Shy girls working in the fields - outside of Hanoi, Vietnam

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