Know Nepal

Know Nepal is an NGO run by a local family, Minu Shakya and her brother Indu. Their program brings people  from around the world to volunteer teach in Nepal. They have an organized network of schools all across Nepal which are ready to accept volunteers and have made arrangements and facilities for foreigners to feel comfortable. You can specify an urban or rural placement or even an area, and they will do everything to accommodate you. Some locations include: Kathmandu Valley, Pokhara, Baglung, Beni, Dhankuta, Hile and Tansen-Palpa.

The program includes completing an orientation week to ensure success. It is a series of language lessons to give you a foundation in Nepali, introduction to Nepalese culture, preparation for teaching, including lesson planning, methods, games and school visit, and a homestay with a family in Kathmandu to acquaint you with Nepali homelife. If you are interested in joining the program, contact Indu Shakya directly at: and he will send out an email information packet. They are currently redoing their website.

The following are my email journals when I taught in the program.

Annie in Wonderland - Orientation week in Kathamandu

Life in a Small Town - Adjusting to a rural village

School House Rock - I think I got this teaching thing down

Top Ten School Names in Nepal - Just for laughs...

Coming Soon!

Kheireni Intrigue - Neighborly love and hate

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