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People to Meet

In this great big world of ours, there are billions of stories. People living their lives, worrying about work or money, happy about life, sad about life, loving another, missing another, trying to carve their own nitch, lead their lives and seek happiness. Dancing like no one is looking, singing like no one is hearing and living like this is heaven on earth. 

Meeting people and sharing their stories, both happy and sad, has made our world a little smaller ... and our perspective a little broader.

Meet the Sapkotas - Devi, Sarita, Prakash, Radha, Nepali family and loads of our adventures together.

The Story of Sangye - Meet Lobsang Sangye, a Tibetan refugee currently living in Dharamsala, India. While you are there, grab a cooking class at Sangye's Kichen.

Children Around the World - Photo series!


the voyager: Ann-Marie Conrado