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Places to GO - take a ride...

Travel Information

  • Lonely Planet - the best budget travel site on the web and the Thorn Tree, a great travel forum for answering those tough questions

  • Boots N All - another budget travel site that is gaining in popularity and has alot of useful info. They boast travel experts who will answer questions directly.

  • High Adventure Travel - my recommended site for airline tickets, esp RTW. They are great at offering lots of options and allowing you to choose which airline you prefer when piecing together an itinerary.

  • Ticket Planet - another agency specializing in RTW tickets.

  • India Mike Travel Bulletin Board - an alternative to the LP Thorn Tree travel forum with a focus on India and the region


  • Nepal News - Up-to-date News and Information from the Mercantile Media Group which own Nepal's Major Publications.

  • Nepal Times - The best, most outstanding paper produced in Nepal. Published weekly, their commentary, analysis and stories are insightful, logical (not always present in Nepal) and well written.

  • Kantipur Online - Up-to-date news both English and Nepali from Nepal's major daily, Kathmandu Post / Kantipur

  • Info Nepal - Excellent Directory for all on-line resources pertaining to Nepal including info on government, education, tourism, culture etc.

  • Himal Magazine - Nepali Publication covering South Asia. Well researched and written and a world class publication.

  • Nepal Tourism Board - Government Tourism Board

  • Yak Bone - Nicely Organized Site for Trekking the Himalayas

  • Trek Info - Trekking Information Resource

  • Enjoy Nepal - A nice new website promoting the wonders of Nepal with detailed information on alot of different places in Nepal, not usually covered.

  • Travel Nepal - Tourism, Travel and Trekking Information

  • The People's War in Nepal - The Maoists on-line

  • Mahila Web - Directory and Info on gender issues in Nepal

  • Spiny Babbler - A fantastic site of a group in Kathmandu presenting art exhibitions, photo essays, and other cultural offerings. If you can't make it to Nepal, this is the next best thing for true Nepalese culture.

Travel Photography

Travel Tales

  • The Boonies - Detailed Travel Log of Nepal and India that is nicely written and detailed.

  • The Toke Zone - Enter only if you are not offended by the pompitous of love, and there is a lot of love, and also alot of really good, highly detailed info there.

  • World Wide Wanderings - Site covering the RTW travels of a couple with nice extras and good design

  • Travel Library - large library of travel logs on every country in the world from the crap to polished pieces

  • Cycling the Manali-Leh Highway - Very detailed travelogue that makes you want to get up and cycle!

  • Dave on Trek - a nicely designed site with rich and stunning photography of Nepal and the Himalayas.

  • E-Lopers - A couple of crazy kids who are trying to get married over and over again all around the world.

  • Adverse Camber - a guy, a backpack and all of India

Take Action!

  • Amnesty International - Join their Urgent Action Group or FAST and send emails in support of political prisoners around the world

  • The Hunger Site - One click a day will feed one person, one meal, so bookmark it and return often.

  • Idealist Network - For those who want to make a difference, go online and search through a database of volunteer opportunities overseas.

  • The Tibetan Govt in Exile - official homepage with all the latest info and upcoming Dalai Lama appearances and teaching.

  • Human Rights Library - the best human rights database and links on the internet.

Foreign News & Affairs

  • BBC World Service - Excellent news coverage of every region in the world accompanied by analysis and in-depth reporting. Includes video and audio clips.

  • CNN On-Line - Alternative global news site with an emphasis on south asia

  • Country Watch - Analysis and info on any country in the world

Stuff I like...besides Nepal and travel

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer Official Website - ok, I am an addict, positively addicted to some of the best TV ever (besides Homocide) the Buffy musical was amazing!

  • Angelic Slayer which hosts sites for both Buffy and Angel. The Buffy Cross and Stake site is one the best all-around sites and a frenzied board for talking all things Buffy.

  • Buffy Episode Guide - the best one on the web

  • Buffy Music - This show sports some of the best edgiest music on TV, and you can find all song and band info here.

  • Eziba - although not fair trade, they have great handicrafts from around the world.

  • The One Ring - For Tolkien fans, the best all around site with news, info and other, esp the new Lord of the Rings movie!

Fair Trade Global Marketplaces - shop with a conscience at these sites and support fair trade practices that benefit at the grass-roots level.

On-Line Travel Magazines

please email any suggestions for sites that fall roughly into these categories and we will add a link. Travelogues are always welcome! Email: