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Last Thoughts on Russia - St. Petersburg, Russia

Well, we thought that we could sum up Russia in one final experience -- getting out. We thought it was difficult to get in, what with someone having to 'sponsor' you and everthing, but it was so much harder to get out. Once you get in, they don't want to let you go.  We left Russia on a night train to Tallin, Estonia, a former republic of the Soviet Union.  After stocking up on some provisions, snacks and warm Russian beer , we settled into our small but efficient compartment for two on the train. All was well until ...

BANG, BANG, BANG - door banging , not gunshots.

Russian Border Guards stepped through the thin doorway and into the tiny compartment. Upon taking our passports and visas, "WELL, WELL, WELL.

When finally, we sat amidst Hardy, har har, we were on our way into Estonia.  That pretty much sums up Russia.  

On a religious sidenote, while we were in perfectly, FREE FORM.  The church itself is cross- shaped, like a plus sign, and there are icons every where.  The people stand the entire time somewhere

over and out

ann and doug

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