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Devi, Sarita, Prakash and Radha - brothers and sisters

NEW! Stairway to Heaven: A Pilgrimage to Manakamana I nearly lost my mind trying to organize thirteen people, five children and one goat in a van, a taxi and a motorbike to get Haji, our 83-year grandmother on the cable-car to Manakamana Temple to fulfill her life-long dream...with photos to prove it!

NEW! A Tale of Two Hospitals - We experience the whole gamut of health care in a third world country... so you don't have to.

NEW! Much Adu about Apple Pie: A Pilgrimage to Jomosom - Devi, Prakash and I head off on a journey to Mustang with some friends from the states. Aside from the all teahouse brawl in Tatopani, the twisted ankle in Ulleri, the donkey train mauling, and one 83 year old Frenchmen with a tale to tell of Nepal in the real old days, it was pretty uneventful...

Meet the Sapkota Family!                                                  They are my big extended family in Nepal and I love them ALL! With three boys, three girls, a mother, a grandmother, a sister-in-law, three kids and me, we are one big happy family. We have had many adventures together and I wanted to share them with you ... so you can meet themselves.

Radha, Aama, Myself, Sarita, Haji & Bauju

Wet and Wild - Motor-biking across Nepal in the heart of the monsoon. Through Aaboo Kheireni, Mugling, Narayanghad, Butwal, Bhairahawa, Lumbini, and Tansen-Palpa, we got up close and personal with the pavement...and have photos to prove it.

A Nepali in Thailand - Devi and I travel to Bangkok, Thailand to spend some time with my family who was vacationing there. And cultures collided...

Passage to India Part II - Devi, Sarita and I travel to Dharamsala to take part in the Dalai Lama's Annual Teachings. How hard could getting there be ...

Holi Unhealthy - Shiva Ratri followed by Holi is too much celebrating in too short a time ...

So then MY family came to visit - As if I didn't have enough to do, my family decides to come to Nepal to visit me. Needless to say, it was a disaster of epic proportions and well...they won't be back.

Coming Soon!

Four Weddings and Nearly a Funereal - After three weeks and four weddings, I'd had enough.  Arrange this, buddy ...then that fateful bus ride.

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