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I been around the block a few times and in all my journeys, I have ran across some really FUNNY school names. The private boarding schools seem to all be trying to outdo each other in the fanciest and biggest English words they know or to imply that their school is absolutely life-changing. So here's my personal best list for the  ...

Top Ten Private School Names in Nepal - all over Nepal

10. Crystal Knowledge English Boarding School (Is that clear? Crystal...)

9. Sun Rise English School (Is that correct English for an English School?)

8. New Life Boarding School

7. Galaxy Boarding School (out of this world)

6. Little Step Higher English Boarding School (we wouldn't dare suggest anything more...)

5. Rib English Boarding School (mmm mmm, tasty rib...)

4. Highway Garden Secondary School (isn't that an oxymoron)

3. Fluorescent English Boarding School (we need a real big fancy English word for our school)

2. Ozone English Boarding School (this one I really don't get)

1. Nawa Jyoti English Boarding School (just because it's mine!)

Runners Up: Heavenly Garden Boarding School, National Inventive English School, Motherland English School, Future Brighter English Boarding School, Dewy Dawn Boarding School (I hear a song coming on...)

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