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The Sapkota family home in Arva, outside of Pokhara. It was a small four room, mud wall, C shape structure built around an open courtyard and a garden. I loved sitting outside on the stoop, chatting with passerbys.









Nawa Jyoti English Boarding School, Aaboo Khaireni. There is a large two story structure for the nursury and classes 7-10, staff room, kitchen and hostel. Classes LKG - 6 were opposite in a low, long narrow strip.


Buddiman Tamang's home above where I lived.

Bushnu and Purna Maya BK's home where I stayed, my room was on the right, all five of them lived on the left. The kitchen was out back.

The main square in Kagbeni, Mustang. I sketched this while I was on pilgrimage to Jomosom.


The main street in Tikhedhunga, which is in the Annapurna valley, about an hour and a half outside of Nayapul, the start and finish for many of the treks in the area.

Sketched at the annual Rato Machendranath festival in Lalitpur, Kathmandu. Enormous chariots sit in the main square for a day while everyone worships at their base. Then, the chariots are pulled through the streets by hundreds of men to their final resting places for the year to await next year's festival.


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