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Volunteer Opportunities in Nepal!

The best way to really experience a culture to live for some time within it. Nepal has many volunteer opportunities doing all kinds of things, from environmental action to handicraft design to teaching. The experience is incredibly rewarding and should never be expensive, unlike many groups which charge you a premium to volunteer your time! Here are some volunteer activites I have engaged in as well as other worthy causes and groups. Make a difference!

Looking to volunteer in Nepal? There are lots of options. Volunteer with Hope Initiative, the charity I founded in 2004. Our projects include a home for orphaned children, computer education centers in rural villages. We need volunteers both in Nepal and in the US. Contact me for more info.

Teaching - Through a local NGO, teach in urban or rural areas of Nepal. Your food and lodging is provided and instruction in any subject is needed in English medium. Prior teaching experience not necessary but energy and enthusiasm is. Read about my experience!

Handicraft Design - Anyone with prior experience in handicrafts, textiles, wood-working, felting, embroidery, graphic or product design, clothing design, paper-making, book-binding, beading, jewelry, fine arts or the marketing of such items is desperately needed. Work with local NGOs helping to design new handicrafts and offer valuable insight into western styles and trends. Seeking fierce trend-setters! 

Orphanages - Work and stay in a local orphanage, eating and sleeping with the children. During the day, instruct classes and in the evening, love and care for them, like others haven't.

Physically and Mentally Disabled Children - If you desire a challenge and love children, help out at this local NGO center for handicapped children. Prior experience is extremely helpful, but energy, enthusiasm and patience go a long way.

Business Consulting - Experienced consultants needed to nurture small businesses and non-profit organizations to viability and financial solvency. Help is needed with organizational structure, marketing, accounting systems and other related issues. MBA's and equivalent professionals preferred who might be looking for just such a sabbatical. Who wants out of the rat-race, at least for a time.

Web-Designing - Work with small local web-design groups to bring them up to speed on the latest changes in the field and help to support Nepal's fledgling IT sector. Good design is sorely lacking ...

There are many worthy and excellent causes ... if you have an idea that you would like to pursue, contact me personally and I can introduce you to people who might be able to help.

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